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Promoting and supporting skills development and technical education since 1998

Get it in Gear

The Foundation is a federal not-for-profit dedicated to promoting skilled trades, skills upgrading and innovation.  Since 1998, through a number of initiatives, we have been working diligently at moving our mission and vision forward.

The Foundation has been active in supporting manufacturers throughout Ontario for nearly 20 years. We work to promote skilled trades, skilled workers in Canada, and work with a list of partners to encourage young people to choose skilled trades as viable career options.

Our strength comes from:

Our past: roots in the auto sector;

Our present: innovation and upskilling workers in the broader manufacturing sector; and

Our future: next generation of workers – young people in Canada.

Our motivation continues to be fueled by the alarming rates of skilled trade shortages, manufacturers struggling to find qualified workers and the lack of awareness by young people and their parents about the good jobs, within the trades, right here in Canada.

The Yves Landry Foundation has developed an exciting campaign which we hope will help draw attention to these challenges.

We looked to our past to give us inspiration.  

YLF has purchased three classic vehicles in need of restoration. As a result of strategic collaborations and finding dedicated and motivated individuals, our restoration project is underway. The vehicles will be lovingly and professional restored by young skilled trades students and apprentices learning their craft. Or in some cases, simply finding their craft. All the work will be done under the watchful and experienced eye of dedicated and talented teachers and mentors who want to inspire and teach and pass on their passion. Restoring these automobiles will become a living, learning lab for these students and leaders.

Building passion.

It is our greatest desire is to use this project to raise awareness of the trades. Our aspiration is to engage students, ignite the passion for vintage cars, strengthen relationships with our high schools, and bind together all the organizations and institutions whose goal it is to drive Canada’s economy through education and skills upgrading. Let’s talk about the Trades.

We hope you will support us in this endeavour.

If you would like to become a Sponsor please call the office at 416-620-5464 to discuss Sponsorship opportunities.

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