Welcome to the Yves Landry Foundation.

The Foundation

The Yves Landry Foundation was established by leaders in Canada’s manufacturing and business sectors in 1998, to advance technological education and skills training to resolve the skilled labour and technical professional shortages facing Canadian industry.  The Foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised of senior leaders from industry, education and the NGO sectors.

The Founder

The Foundation was born out of the vision, principles, energy and hopes of the late Yves Landry, Chairman, President and CEO of Chrysler Canada Ltd.  Yves Landry’s vision was:

To forge an enlightened partnership between industry and education, train a world-class pool of skilled manufacturing workers, technicians, technologists and engineers, and secure technological advantage in a rapidly changing world.

The Yves Landry Foundation provides the opportunity for industry, education and government to collectively be part of the solution and thereby provide opportunities for Canadians to build great careers in manufacturing and technology.  The Foundation is and remains focused on facilitating collaboration among these stakeholders through partnership development, advocacy and investment in leading-edge programs.