Guiding Principles

To realize the Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition, YLF-FYL is committed to act and achieve results guided by five interconnected principles.  These principles are the pillars of all strategic and operational choices.

YLF-FYL commits to people and businesses achieving and sustaining success by supporting:

Leadership. The development and use of leading-edge processes, technologies, and far-sighted human resource investment, and through dynamic entrepreneurship.

Value. Strengthened individual and societal understanding of the role, significance, and worth of the manufacturing industry to Canada’s economy and future and that of trade, technology and science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) careers. 

Accessibility. Providing pathways and eliminating barriers to entering and continuing in the wide range of trade, technology, and STEM careers.  Accessibility is initial and ongoing; it is inclusive and reflective of our diverse populations and demographics.  Accessibility results in robust industries and businesses and in career and personal success. 

Opportunity. Infrastructure and resources that enable individuals to choose, enter, and complete apprenticeships, co-operative education programs, or work-integrated learning activities, and to engage in upskilling and re-skilling.  Central to the growth of the economy and the sustainability of large-scale industry and of small-medium sized enterprises (SME) is the opportunity to learn and grow in a trade, technology, or STEM career. 

Excellence. Forward-looking technical education and training supported by partnerships with business and government is framed by the knowledge, skills, and values needed to anticipate and meet industry and workforce requirements.

YLF-FYL, through this SBP 2019 – 2024, will continue to act as an intermediary between industry and relevant partners; advocate for trade, technology and STEM careers and the resources needed to advance these; support education and training (initial, upskilling, and re-skilling); and, promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

YLF-FYL commits itself to bring business, people, and resources together.