Director Recruitment

2022 Yves Landry Foundation

Board of Directors Recruitment and Application Process

Inspiring. Leading. Advocating. Supporting.

Innovations in manufacturing, competitive advantage, skills upgrading, career development and skilled trades. Are you concerned about any of these? Where does manufacturing go from here in Ontario and Canada?

The Yves Landry Foundation (YLF) is a unique charity that works to support the manufacturing sector in Ontario (and Canada). YLF advocates for funding to support competitive advantage within the manufacturing sector, provides grants to SME’s to upgrade their workforce skills to reach greater heights of innovation, and offers programming to help drive young people into the manufacturing careers by promoting skilled trades, technician/technologist, or engineering careers at the high school and post secondary level.

The Yves Landry Foundation is entering its 24th year of successfully supporting the broader manufacturing sector through innovative programming and financial support. YLF is nimble and responsive to the changing economic climate impacting our sector; in looking ahead we are expanding new initiatives focused on enhancing domestic supply chains, as well as encouraging women and indigenous people’s participation in manufacturing and skilled trades.
The YLF Board of Directors is seeking to recruit a new board member to fill an up-coming vacancy.

We are looking for individuals with the following experience:
     • Executive leadership/senior operations in manufacturing, or
     • Post-secondary senior educators or
     • Sales and/or Marketing to support the drive for raising awareness and fundraising

The Yves Landry Foundation wishes to promote the inclusion of historically underrepresented groups in the automotive and manufacturing sector. We strongly encourage those applicants to apply.

A Vision for the Yves Landry Foundation Board of Directors

YLF aspires to engage a diverse set of seasoned manufacturing leaders or post secondary senior educators with significant experience related to innovation, competitive advantage, and a passion for investing in your workforce. YLF leaders must have a philosophical understanding that industry, government and education all have a role to play in ensuring Ontario and Canada’s economy remains active and healthy.

The Board Directors are intended to bring value that includes diversity from sectoral, regional, and skill set perspectives. It is desirable that directors are able to offer past experience serving on relevant community and/or private sector boards. Collectively, Directors are to set the strategic direction and maintain oversight and accountability for organizational results. YLF is a charity and it is to be expected that board members make a financial contribution or help secure contributions through active fundraising to support the work that we do.

Most importantly, all Directors are to demonstrate the culture and mind-set that will support the success of the foundation.

The board of director positions are volunteer with no remuneration. Our board operates on strategic governance principles. It should be noted that board meetings and committee meetings take place virtually. We are interested in geographical representation and would welcome candidates from northern, central and eastern Ontario. Along with sitting on the board of directors, each board member is required to actively participate on at least one board committee.

The Director Selection Process

If you are interested in being considered for a volunteer board member, we ask that you submit a letter of interest along with a resume or corporate profile.  In your cover letter, please outline why you would like to join the board, and what skills and experiences you would bring to our table.

Candidates who are being considered will be invited to meet with our board recruitment committee.

Please submit your application information to:

Yves Landry Foundation, Executive Director

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