The Fury – A Work in Progress

December 2021 – The Fury arrives at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School in Nepean

Work on the Fury continued at Arnprior Secondary until March of 2020 when the global pandemic shuttered the school and the car went into storage. The good news is that the Fury has found a new home at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School in Nepean, Ontario and is going to be worked on by the students there under the tutelage of teacher Myles Zarzosa.

December 2019 – YLF visits Arnprior District High School

Students continue to work on the Fury this semester. A few of the grade 11/12 students took the lead on sorting out the electrical wiring harness and everything is now installed, tested and working.

The driver side rocker panel and quarter panel have been replaced as the original were unfortunately badly rotted and beyond repair. Students have also been welding, grinding and preparing the under framing of the trunk bed to get ready to install the new trunk liner.

Everything is coming along nicely! Great work !

June 2019 – Update from Arnprior District High School

We are moving along at a pretty good pace. We have the left rear quarter panel off and are in the process of repairing the left rocker panels so we can install the new rear panel.

We also started to fit the trunk liner in, and have made some progress. We have stripped the front and rear seats and primed and painted the seat frames. I am not able to find replacement seat cushions for the front bucket seats so I am not too sure what we are going to do about that yet. On a positive note [a local community member] is an upholsterer and said she would be willing to help us upholster the seats when we have the cushions.

We were able to wire up the ignition switch and we can now start the vehicle with the key.

March 2019 – Update from Arnprior District High School

Checking in! Things are going great. We have found a body repair man who owns his own business, here in Arnprior and is interested in helping us out with the car. He came in last Tuesday and talked to the class for a full 75 minutes! It was an engaging presentation and students had a blast. He is very excited to help us out.

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