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This program is currently closed. Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned as we work diligently at achieving funding for this program.


The Yves Landry Foundation in partnership with the Government of Canada recognizes that Ontario must improve its competitiveness. And it recognizes that it is a shared responsibility between government, industry and education. It continues to be a challenging time for manufacturers in the province of Ontario and we, at YLF, believe the only response to ensure the future of manufacturing in the province is for manufacturers to become more competitive and innovative. Competitiveness is essential for maintaining Ontario’s high quality of life. A competitive economy attracts investments, advancements and jobs for Ontario.

Ontario’s continued prosperity is not assured. Collectively we must work together to move our province forward as we face growing competition, lagging skills and declining labour force. It is clear there are lots of other places in the world that are competing for the same opportunities, jobs and investments as we are. Ontario must improve its competitiveness, become more innovative and collectively raise the skill set of the labour force.

To do this, Ontario must innovate – we must create new and more efficient ways of doing business. We must think differently, act differently and differentiate ourselves from all the rest. Innovation is the key. And innovation comes in many forms. Truly innovative and productive manufacturers will have strong leadership, foster creativity, inspire risk-taking and have a qualified and knowledgeable workforce who continue to reach higher.

The Yves Landry Foundation is pleased to offer an AIME North initiative for manufacturers operating in Northern Ontario. (See the map of Ontario to confirm the jurisdiction eligible to participate in this NEW Northern Ontario initiative.)

In partnership with the Government of Canada, proudly supported by FedNor, the Yves Landry Foundation is making available up to $50,000 per company in the form of a grant to foster training that will lead to advancements in innovation within the manufacturing sector in Northern Ontario. All projects for consideration must lead to new or growth in domestic or global export opportunities or create new or expanded global markets. If you have received federally supported funding in the past, you may not be eligible to participate in this new round of funding. Please check with YLF staff to confirm your eligibility.

Specific funding will be provided for two major objectives:

Objective 1 – Training that will support the adaptation of new technology, new processes or procedures or a change within the company to support innovation. This objective must clearly be linked to innovations leading to global competitiveness including expanding into new domestic or international markets.

Objective 2 – Training that will support and develop Highly Skilled Personnel in any area that leads to innovation. This can include the development of new engineering skills, training in the use of new software, hardware or other tools necessary to support innovation; retraining to embrace new technologies, new manufacturing methods, or any other business area that will make a Northern Ontario manufacturing company more competitive in the global marketplace. Ultimately it should lead to a situation where the applicant develops or enhances a culture that supports constant training and development to support ongoing innovation in all areas of the business cultivating opportunities for growth through innovation and education.

Being able to clearly link your project to growth and competitiveness will be essential.

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Between 10 – 500 employees;
  • Continuously in business in Northern Ontario for at least 3 years;
  • Must be able to demonstrate a solid financial footing over the three year period;
  • Manufacturing facility or facilities located in Northern Ontario (Please refer to map on website outlining participation boundaries);
  • Manufacture a specific product for sale in Ontario or anywhere else.
  • Manufacturing must be the organizations only, or primary line of business.


Step 1: Download the Preliminary Application. Be sure to fill in all requested areas.

Step 2: Download the Financial Spreadsheet. Be sure to fill in all requested areas for funding pertaining to your application.

Step 3: Review your application to confirm all required information is completed. If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact the Yves Landry Foundation for clarification prior to submitting your proposal. If you are unsure if your organization has already received AIME funding on past initiatives, please check with our office to ensure your eligibility.

Step 4: Email the Preliminary Application and Financial Spreadsheet to:

Step 5: Allow up to 8-10 working days for your preliminary application to be processed. You will be assigned a Program Coordinator at YLF who will review your application and provide feedback.

Upon receiving approval from your Program Coordinator:

Step 6: Complete the Full Application. Be sure to answer all of the questions and include the Executive Summary.

Step 7: Email your Full Application, Financial Spreadsheet, and Schedule B to your assigned Program Coordinator at YLF.

Step 8: Your final application will then be submitted to the Adjudication Panel. The Panel requires up to 20 working days for review and processing.

Step 9: Upon receiving approval from the Adjudication Panel, you will be sent a contract that must be signed and returned to YLF. At this point your training may commence.

Step 10: Upon completion of training, send us the appropriate documentation for your claims as outlined in our Mandatory Submission Document. Upon receipt of your documentation, we will review your information and contact you. Please review the mandatory submission document prior to submitting your claim in order to expedite your return.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions at any point during our application process please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Program Eligibility Document

Mandatory Submission Claim Document

Training Certificate

For further information on AIME North please contact:

The Yves Landry Foundation
Telephone: 1-866-232-4411